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When is the right time to give Gripe Water?

Gripe Water should be given as needed and not as a preventive measure – after all, it works quickly! To avoid early allergic reactions, we suggest that you wait until your baby is two weeks old and over seven pounds before administering Gripe Water. For all other infants and children, give Gripe Water at the first signs of discomfort.   Most babies get gassy after feeding, more often than not they will need the product after feedings. It is best to wait 30 minutes after a feeding to administer Gripe Water, to allow the food to digest. If it is given too soon after a feeding the baby may vomit because he or she may be too full or the ingredients may not mix well with the food that was just consumed.  It is possible to use Gripe Water prior to feeding if a baby is not able to finish feeding due to gas.  It is recommended to try using the product at different times to learn what works best for your baby.

Does it need to be refrigerated?

No, unlike many other Gripe Water products Gentle Care uses natural preservatives and does not need to be refrigerated.

How long is it good for?

Gentle Care Gripe Water has a two year expiration when stored at room temperature.  However it is common and best practice to discard the product 8 weeks after opening due to the increase potential of bacteria to occur.

Is this safe to give to my baby and how will this help my baby have easier bowel movements?

The American Botanical Council, Commission E and the FDA have all Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) certain herbal ingredients such as Chamomile (and Lemon Balm used Baby Zzzz’s) to help soothe abdominal pain, sleep disorders and gastrointestinal spasms and inflammation.   Ginger has been used for colic and nausea for centuries.  Fennel has been known for its ability to reduce spasms and increase motility of the small intestine.

Why does Gentle Care Gripe Water NOT include Sodium Bicarbonate in our formula?

Because the FDA has banned most formulas containing Sodium Bicarbonate stating that it meets the FDA definition of a “new”, “unapproved” drug.  Gentle Care’s goal is to give your baby the most natural, fast acting formula available and the safest.  Our ingredients have been recognized by the FDA as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS).

What is Gripe Water?

Gripe Water has been around for centuries in one formulation or another.  Long ago the FDA labeled it as unsafe because many formulas contained alcohol.  Gentle Care Gripe Water has never contained alcohol and was conceived as a natural alternative over a decade ago to provide relief to babies, children and even adults from the discomfort of colic, gas and hiccups.  This gentle formula also contains Ginger and Fennel which have long been used to ease the symptoms of nausea, gas and colic.

Tips on how to give it to a baby?

  • Always consult with your pediatrician before giving an infant liquid supplements and/or medications.
  • Have your pediatrician show you how to administer liquid medication.
  • Always use a calibrated dropper/dispenser like the one provided in the product packaging, or put the proper serving in an empty bottle. Do not mix it with any other liquid.
  • Practice using the dropper with water prior to using it on an infant.
  • Give the liquid slowly, by aiming at the side of the mouth inside the baby’s cheek. AVOID SQUIRTING AND DO NOT AIM STRAIGHT BACK TOWARD THE THROAT. This may choke or gag the infant.
  • Make sure the baby is sitting upright, and turn his or her head slightly to the side.
  • Give the serving a small amount at a time, allowing time in between each to prevent gagging or choking. If the infant appears to be gagging, stop administering the liquid immediately.
  • In many cases, the infant may not immediately like the taste and may initially reject the liquid. In these instances, it is best to stop and re-administer the liquid at another time when the baby is calm. This allows the infant to gradually get used to the taste of the liquid

What is a MAP Policy and how does it help retailers?


BNG Enterprises has adopted a MAP Policy for all brands including Herbal Clean Detox. This policy will:

  • Help insure the long-term premium positioning of the BNG Enterprises’ brands.
  • Protect the investment of the Re-sellers that provide valuable education, sales and product assistance and support to their customers.

BNG Enterprises wants to thank all of our loyal customers for your continued help and support in making this MAP Policy successful. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions concerning the MAP Policy or any other concern.  You can find the MAP Policy at this URL http://bngprodx.com/MAP-Policy/